Capacitive Voltage Detecting Systems for high voltage

Item number: 2502145_H001
The CAPDIS-S1_HV (R4.5) is an integrated Voltage Detecting Systems for checking for absence of... more
Product information "CAPDIS-S1_HV (R4.5)"
The CAPDIS-S1_HV (R4.5) is an integrated Voltage Detecting Systems for checking for absence of voltage in high-voltage switchgears in accordance with IEC 62271-213:2021 (or IEC 61243-5) with integrated three-phase continuous indication.

Voltage Detecting Systems VDIS for High Voltage Applications (53..480 kV)

Testing for absence of voltage in high voltage switchgear with integrated three-phase continuous indication according to  IEC 61243-5 or IEC 62271-213.

Maintenance-free due to self-monitoring

No periodic retesting required according to  IEC 62271-213 and BGV A3, as the device permanently monitors the threshold and displays it with a three-stage voltage level indicator (half, full and outlined arrow).

Complete insulation monitoring of the capacitive divider

Complete primary-side and secondary-side monitoring and display of the insulation status of the capacitive voltage divider.

Adjustment capability for smart grid applications

Adjustment capability and monitoring of the capacitive divider for the standard response of the Voltage Detecting Systems and further processing of the voltage signals by smart grid systems (e.g. CAPDIS-M, IKI-50, IKI-22...). Adjustable 6-stage capacitor module allows adjustment of the voltage divider and shows the correct setting on the display.

Integrated self-test function

No external test equipment is required to test for voltage freedom. Integrated function test by means of test button, according to patent DE 103 04 396. Clear display for primary voltage present and not present. Optional broken lead detection and ground monitoring.

Integrated Y-interface

For further processing of voltage signals via a smart grid system (e.g. IKI-50); connection via optional Y-cable. Integrated three-phase measuring point The device has a three-phase LRM measuring point. This serves as an interface for phase comparison and rotary field direction measurement (e.g. by means of universal tester type CAP-Phase, see data sheet CAP-Phase).

No battery required

Voltage test as well as self-test without battery or auxiliary voltage.
General data
Article number2502145_H001
Product designationCAPDIS-S1_HV (R4.5) Capacitive Voltage Detecting Systems for High Voltage
StandardIEC 61243-5, IEC 62271-213
Required data for orderNominal voltage Un, coupling capacitance C1
Intrinsic safetyDevice is intrinsically safe
Maintenance testNo periodic inspections are necessary for this device.
Broken lead detectionCan be activated/deactivated via DIP switch
Display and HMI interfaces
Front displayLC-Display
ControlsSelf-test button
Dimensions and type of installation
Case height x width x depth48 x 96 x 37 mm
Cutout height x width45 x 92 mm
Norm cutout dimensionsDIN IEC 61554:2002-08
Installation typePanel mounting
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature-25°C ... 55°C
Storage temperature-30°C ... 75°C
Protection classIP54
Voltage level53..480 kV (High-voltage)
Rated frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
Type of interfaceLRM
LifetimeMinimum 31 years (MTBF)
Voltage supply
Power supplyNo auxiliary power supply needed
BatteryNo battery required