Voltage transformer replacement for resistive sensors, fg = 2 kHz, for Zelisko sensors, load 200 kOhm

Item number: 2502073_H002
The CAPDIS-4o amplifier provides an output voltage of 3 x 100 or 110 VAC in conjunction with... more
Product information "CAPDIS-4o_HF"
The CAPDIS-4o amplifier provides an output voltage of 3 x 100 or 110 VAC in conjunction with three resistive sensors and thus serves as a substitute for three inductive voltage transformers.

Precise and economical

  • Economical alternative to outgoing voltage transformers

Safety and handling advantages

  • minimal space requirement
  • no additional measuring field
  • no disassembly required for surge voltage tests
  • no ferroresonance hazard

Universal system components for all applications

  • Ohmic divider type OKE for  air-insulated switchgear series 12 kV, 24 kV or 36 kV
  • Resistive divider type OAS for right-angle connectors in SF6 switchgear series 12 kV or 24 kV (36kV on request)
  • Voltage amplifier type CAPDIS-4o

This variant

  • Maximum accuracy deviation 0.5 %.
  • Extended cut-off frequency fg = 2 kHz
  • Burden of voltage input 200 kOhm to connect for example sensors from Zelisko
Device data
Article number2502073_H002
Product designationCAPDIS-4o_HF Voltage transformer replacement for resistive sensors | fg = 2 kHz | for Zelisko sensors | load 200 kOhm
Device data
Output power per channel0.5
Maximum output voltage100 V
Input impedance0.2 MOhm
Summation voltage
Cut-off frequency fg2000 Hz
Maximum input voltage3.25 V
Maximum phase shift I->O at nominal frequency0.67
Tolerance/accuracy at nominal frequency0.5 %
4..20 mA interface
Case height x width x depth120 x 175 x 49 mm
Installation typeC-Rail mounting
Operating conditions
Operating temperature-20°C ... 55°C
Storage temperature-25°C ... 70°C
Protection classIP40
Signaling outputs
Summation voltage
Voltage supply
Auxiliary power supply24 .. 230 VAC/DC
Power consumption7,4 VA