CAPDIS-S1_55 (R5)

CAPDIS-S1_55 (R5)

integrated capacitive voltage detecting system

Item no.: 2502145

Voltage test system for medium voltage switchgear (VDS)  Basics Voltage-free... more
Product information "CAPDIS-S1_55 (R5)"

Voltage test system for medium voltage switchgear (VDS) 


  • Voltage-free testing in medium voltage systems according to VDE 0682-T415 or IEC 61243-5
  • Integrated three-phase continuous display
  • Maintenance-free due to permanent self-monitoring
  • Intrinsically safe - no additional test equipment required
  • No battery or additional auxiliary voltage required
  • Complete insulation monitoring of the capacitive divider
  • Simple adjustment of the capacitive voltage divider with capacitor circuit module
  • Simple self-test without battery or additional auxiliary voltage
  • Integrated three-phase measuring point for phase comparison, rotating field direction measurement, etc.
  • Interface for smart grid systems for voltage measurement and fault monitoring
  • Active integrated conductor break detection


Clear distinction from

  • Overvoltage
  • Operating voltage
  • Voltage below operating voltage
  • Voltage-free
  • Fault

Simple adjustment of capacitive voltage divider

  • adjustable 6-stage capacitor circuit module


Technical Data

Applied Standard

VDE 0682 T 415 or IEC 61243-5 (integrated voltage test)


Front panel installation


h x w x t = 48 x 96 x 37 mm

Recommended cutout

h x w = 45 x 92 mm

Operating Temperature

-25 ° C ... +75 ° C

Storage Temperature

-40 ° C ... +80 ° C


IP 54

Connection of the connection lines

By means flat plug sleeve 4.8 x 0.8 mm or system plug (order separately)


Ordering Information


  • Nominal operating voltage UN
  • Coupling capacity C1

Universal switching modules C2m

  • Values low: (100, 470, 570, 1000, 3300, 4300 pF) Item No. 2501155
  • Values medium: (330, 2200, 2530,6800, 10000, 16800 pF) Item No. 2501156
  • Values high: (330, 2200, 2530, 10000, 22000, 32000 pF) Item No. 2501157
  • Further modules on request




Gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear

Retrofitting in air-insulated medium voltage switchgear

Use of the CAPDIS-S1 also in air-insulated medium voltage switchgears

Integrated voltage systems are almost always used in gas-insulated switchgears (new systems).

Increasingly, customers are also using the CAPDIS-S1 in air-insulated switchgears for retrofitting. This brings these customers significant advantages:

  • Voltage-free testing can be carried out when the system is closed.
  • This significantly improves both the personal and the plant safety.
  • The operator is thus protected from interference arcs .
Voltage-free testing with voltage testers
Voltage-free testing with voltage test systems



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