Retrofittable integrated capacitive voltage test system
for standard-compliant HR interface

Part-No.: 2501382

Retrofittable voltage test system for medium voltage switchgear (VDS) - for standard-compliant... more
Product information "CAPDIS-PI-HR (R4)"

Retrofittable voltage test system for medium voltage switchgear (VDS)
- for standard-compliant HR interfaces -  


  • Voltage-free testing in medium voltage systems according to VDE 0682-T415 or IEC 61243-5
  • Integrated three-phase continuous display
  • Maintenance-free due to permanent self-monitoring
  • Intrinsically safe - no additional test equipment required
  • No battery or additional auxiliary voltage required
  • Complete insulation monitoring of the capacitive divider
  • Simple self-test without battery or additional auxiliary voltage
  • Integrated three-phase measuring point for phase comparison, rotating field direction measurement, etc.
  • Interface for smart grid systems for voltage measurement and fault monitoring



Clear distinction from

  • Overvoltage
  • Operating voltage
  • Voltage below operating voltage
  • Voltage-free
  • Fault



Technical Data


HR interface in switchgear

Measuring point at device





h x w x t = 52 x 111 x 38 mm

Degree of protection

IP 54

Operating Temperature

-25 ° C ... + 75 ° C


By means of a test button even in a voltage-free state (without battery or auxiliary energy)

Phase Comparison

using phase comparison by LR or LRM interface, e.g. type CAP phase




Fast and cost-effective solution for defective HR interfaces

1. Initial situation

HR interface: repeat check required every 6 years; life expectancy due to high insulation requirements.

2. Mounting CAPDIS-PI

3. Possibly adjust capacity

If the HR interface is defective, i.e. not all 3 full flash arrows appear with a standard CAPDIS-PI at the pending rated voltage, an adjustable CAPDIS-PI RR4 is set up. The defective phases are reconfigured via DIP switches until three full flash arrows are displayed. No external measuring device is required for parameterization.

4. Result

  • Repeat test-free voltage test system according to VDE 0682 T 415
  • Testing for voltage-free without additional equipment
  • Simplified earth fault detection at a glance
  • Integrated self-test function