CAPDIS-S2_55 (R4.5)

CAPDIS-S2_55 (R4.5)

Voltage test system according to protection device standard IEC 60255 and voltage tester standard IEC 61243-5 with protective relay function

Item no.: 2502134_H002

Voltage detection system (VDS) and protection element for medium voltage switchgear with relay... more
Product information "CAPDIS-S2_55 (R4.5)"

Voltage detection system (VDS) and protection element for medium voltage switchgear with relay contacts  

Main functions

  • Test for voltage absence in medium voltage systems according to VDE 0682-T415 or IEC 61243-5. Voltage test system according to protection relay standard IEC 60255 and VDS standard IEC 61243-5. The CAPDIS S2_55 is specially dimensioned for use in power plants as well as for protective purposes. It is dimensioned in such a way that it can permanently withstand even high-frequency disturbances from atmospheric surge voltage loads, reignitions and resonance vibrations at all inputs and outputs and can additionally absorb them up to an innocuous degree from the capacitive divider. This also prevents the spread of interference radiation to the rest of the secondary operating devices. With this extended immunity, the CAPDIS S2_55 can be used not only for pure stress testing but also for safety-relevant functions.

  • Swichting error protection: The propagation of decentralised feeds requires the installation of a rear voltage detection with switching fault protection in substations and protection stations. Instead of output voltage converters, CAPDIS-S2_55  capacitive voltage test systems are used, which can also be functionally matched to the field control and protection device. The rear voltage detection serves on the one hand for personal safety and on the other hand for switching error protection by locking the grounding switch with the pending rear voltage.
  • Island network warning: In substations, the island network warning must also be checked when the circuit breaker is switched off to check whether the rear voltage is pending. If this is the case, an island network warning is generated in the field guide and protection device, which prevents autmatic connection during an AWE (automatic reconnection) when the rear voltage is pending.

Additional functionality

  • Integrated interface to CAPDIS-M voltage monitoring module

  • Two relay outputs and two LED displays in addition to the three-phase LCD display

  • Maintenance-free due to permanent self-monitoring

  • Intrinsically safe - no additional test equipment required

  • No battery or additional auxiliary voltage required for voltage test and self-test

  • Complete insulation monitoring of the capacitive divider

  • Simple adjustment of the capacitive voltage divider with capacitor C2m module

  • Simple self-test without battery or additional auxiliary voltage

  • Integrated three-phase measuring point for phase comparison, rotating field direction measurement, etc.

  • Interface for smart grid systems for voltage measurement and fault monitoring

  • Active integrated conductor break detection


Clear distinction of

  • Overvoltage

  • Operating voltage

  • Voltage below operating voltage

  • Voltage absence

  • Fault

Relay outputs and LED indicators

  • Two integrated signal relays (changers) for remote monitoring of voltage states

  • Additional status display of the relays via LEDs on the front side

  • Auxiliary voltage required for relay functions

Simple adjustment of the capacitive voltage divider

  • adjustable 6-stage capacitor C2m module

Filters against EMC interference


Filter against EMC-interference, 10 cm, installation directly on the C1, additionally required: Connection cable set

Part-No.: 2509398

Universal switching modules C2m

C2m 6x (default)

Values low: (100, 470, 570, 1000, 3300, 4300 pF)

Part-No.: 2501155


Values medium: (330, 2200, 2530, 6800, 10000, 16800 pF)

Part-No.: 2501156


Values high: (330, 2200, 2530, 10000, 22000, 32000pF)

Part-No.: 2501157      


further modules on request



Technical Data


Integrated Voltage Detection System (VDS)

Applied Standard

VDE 0682 T 415 or IEC 61243-5


1 - 52 kV

Voltage level




Inherent detection time for voltage absence

180 ms (LCD + relay)

Maintenance test


Intrinsic safety


Broken lead detection




Remote monitoring

2x changeover relay outputs
250 VAC, 5 A (ohmic load) / 30 VDC, 5 A / 250 VDC, 0.3 A (ohmic load), 1250 VA

LED to relay output correspondance

LED green corresponds to state relay 2; LED red corresponds to state relay 1

Auxiliary power

24 - 230 VAC / DC +-10% Power Consumption: < 1 Watt

Connection of the connection lines

 By means flat plug sleeve 4.8 x 0.8 mm or system plug (order separately)




Front panel mounting


h x w x d = 48 x 96 x 37 mm

Recommended panel cutout

h x w = 45 x 92 mm

Environmental conditions:


Operational temperature

-25 °C ...  +75 °C

Storage temperature

-40 °C  ... +80 °C

Degree of protection

IP 54



EMC standard

According to IEC 60255-26


Ordering Information


  • Nominal operating voltage UN

  • Coupling capacity C1

Universal capacitor C2m modules

  • Values low: (100, 470, 570, 1000, 3300, 4300 pF) Item No. 2501155

  • Values medium: (330, 2200, 2530,6800, 10000, 16800 pF) Item No. 2501156

  • Values high: (330, 2200, 2530, 10000, 22000, 32000 pF) Item No. 2501157

  • Further modules on request