Voltage test system for high-voltage applications

(52 ... 420 kV)

Part-No.: 2502134_H009

Voltage test system for high voltage (52 - 480 kV) Voltage-free testing in high-voltage... more
Product information "CAPDIS-S2_HV"

Voltage test system for high voltage (52 - 480 kV)

  • Voltage-free testing in high-voltage switchgear according to VDE 0682-T415 or IEC 61243-5 with integrated three-phase continuous display.

Maintenance-free due to self-monitoring, fail-safe

  • Noregular replay check according to VDE 0682-T415 and BGV A3 is required, as the device permanently monitors the response threshold and displays it with a three-stage voltage level indicator (half, full and rimmed flash arrow).

Integrated self-test function

  • No external tester is required for voltage-free testing. Integrated function test by means test button, according to patent DE 103 04 39. Unique display with pending and non-pending primary voltage.

Relay outputs and LED indicators

  • Für The remote monitoring of the voltage states, two signal relays (changers) are integrated, which are operated with auxiliary voltage. The status of the relays is additionally indicated via LEDs in the front.

Integrated Y Interface

  • For further processing of voltage signals via a smart grid system (e.g. IKl-50, IKl-22); Connection via optional Y-cable.

Integrated three-phase measuring point

  • The device has a three-phase LRM measuring point for phase comparison, rotating field direction measurement e.g. by means CAP phase or connection of CAPDIS-M.

No battery required

  • Voltage testing and self-test without battery or auxiliary voltage.


Filters against EMC interference


Filter against EMC-interference,10 cm, installation directly on the C1, additionally required: Connection cable set

Part-No.: 2509398

Universal switching modules C2m

C2m 6x (default)

Values low: (100, 470, 570, 1000, 3300, 4300 pF)

Part-No.: 2501155


Values medium: (330, 2200, 2530, 6800, 10000, 16800 pF)

Part-No.: 2501156


Values high: (330, 2200, 2530, 10000, 22000, 32000pF)

Part-No.: 2501157      


Further modules on request



Technical Data


LED green corresponds to state relay 2

LED red corresponds to state relay 1

Auxiliary voltage

24 - 230 VAC/DC +-10% Power Consumption: < 1 Watt

Relay contacts

250 VAC, 5 A (ohmic load) / 30 VDC, 5 A / 250 VDC, 0.3 A (ohmic load), 1250 VA

Own time detection voltage-free

180 ms (LCD + Relay)


Front panel installation; Dimnesions: h x w x t = 48 x 96 x 37mm

recommended cutout (h x w): 45 x 92mm

Operating temperature

-25 ° C.. +75 ° C

Storage temperature

-40 ° C.. +80 ° C


IP 54

Required data for order

Nominal operating voltage UN

Coupling capacity C1

EMC strength

According to IEC 60255-26