Combined sensor U/I for air-insulated cable terminations

Item number: 2503382_H001
The sensor IKI-LUM-ISO-U combines the functionality of the current sensor type IKI-LUM-ISO and... more
Product information "IKI-LUM-ISO-U"
The sensor IKI-LUM-ISO-U combines the functionality of the current sensor type IKI-LUM-ISO and the voltage sensor CAPDIS-Sense. The voltage sensor output may only be used in conjunction with voltage detection systems of type CAPDIS. If voltage measurement is required, we recommend cast resin coupling electrodes. The combined sensor is the perfect combination for retrofit applications in combination with the IKI-23 plus CAPDIS_top.

The voltage decoupling of the combination sensor detects the potential of the unshielded part of the cable termination. Capacitive decoupling of the voltage signal is not possible on fully shielded terminations, therefore the combination sensor cannot be used in this case. The voltage output is connected directly to a CAPDIS. The current is measured via a sensor current transformer with transformation ratio 2000/1. The current output is connected directly to an IKI 22, 23, 35 or 50 etc..

Easy retrofit

Current and voltage signal are combined in one sensor

Ideal in combination with the IKI-23

IKI-23 plus CAPDIS_top combine fault direction detection and voltage absence testing in one device.

For air-insulated terminations 6 - 24 kV

For use in air-insulated switchgear on shielded cables. The IKI-LUM-ISO-U combination sensor is installed on the shielded part of the termination, but close to the unshielded part, to detect the electric field.
General data
Article number2503382_H001
Product designationIKI-LUM-ISO-U | Air insulated terminations 6 - 24 kV
Operating conditions
Operating temperature-25°C ... 55°C
Storage temperature-30°C ... 75°C
Protection classIP54
Class accuracyCurrent: Class 3;
Voltage: deviation max. +-20 %
Applicable at nominal frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
Inner diameter92 mm
Transmission ratio2000 / 0,1
Load power0,2 VA @ 600 A
Thermal maximum current27 kA
Maximum continuous thermal current650 A
Coupling capacitance C12 pF
MountingFor air-insulated cable terminations, 6 - 24 kV
Directional current sensing
Installation locationNon-screened oil cable terminations