Kombisensor IKI-LUM-ISO-U, Ø 80 mm

Kombisensor IKI-LUM-ISO-U, Ø 80 mm

Combined sensor for current and voltage
for non-shielded end closures of three-wire oil cable

Item no.: 2503382

U/I combination sensor IKI-LUM-ISO-U  for non-shielded end closures of three-wire oil... more
Product information "Kombisensor IKI-LUM-ISO-U, Ø 80 mm"

U/I combination sensor IKI-LUM-ISO-U  for non-shielded end closures of three-wire oil cable


In air-insulated switchgear, the installation of current and voltage sensors is often associated with increased effort, as these are not intended for design. Solutions with minimal installation effort are particularly in demand for retrofitting in plants without capacitive dividers.


The combined current and voltage sensor IKI-LUM-ISO-U enables current measurement and voltage detection in air-insulated switchgear with minimal installation effort.


Voltage test systems of the CAPDIS series as well as directional short-circuit and earth fault detection devices such as the IKI-22, IKI-23 or IKI-50 can be connected to the U/I combination sensor.


The most compact retrofit solution is the combination of fault direction detection and voltage testing with the device combination IKI-23_ CAPDIS-top.

Matching connection cables are pluggable and available in the following lengths :

  • 1.5 m
  • 3 m
  • 4.5 m
  • 6 m
  • other lengths on request

The connecting cables must be ordered separately.


Technical Data

Voltage Sensor

Rated Voltage

6 - 13.8 kV

Capacity C1

Approx. 3.7 pF (5 pF without connected current transformer)

Inner Diameter

92 mm


Approx. 20%



Current Sensor

Transmission ratio

2000/1 A

Class accuracy


Inner diameter

92 mm

Nominal frequency

50 / 60 Hz

Maximum thermal current

27kA (IKI connected)

Maximum continuous current

650 A

Degree of protection

IP 54


IKI-22, IKI-23, IKI-35, IKI-50






Retrofitting in air-insulated medium voltage switchgear


Retrofitting with minimal effort

Distribution system operators estimate the minimum effort required for retrofitting in air-insulated switchgear. The Kries-Solution-Partners are at your side for such conversion measures.


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