IKI-23 Modbus

IKI-23 Modbus

Directional fault indicator

Main functions Directional short-circuit and earth short-circuit detection Directional... more
Product information "IKI-23 Modbus"

Main functions

  • Directional short-circuit and earth short-circuit detection
  • Directional earth fault detection without balanced core CT
  • Directional and non-directional load current measurement values

Additional features

  • Integrated installation diagnosis function
  • Configuration via DIP-switches or USB
  • Fault prediction with intermittent earth fault detection
  • Safety function: Step voltage monitoring with additional measurement rod
  • Event history
  • ModbusRTU interface

Fault detection

All methods can be activated seperately and can be easily configured.

Directional short-circuit detection
Directional earth short-circuit detection

Directional earth fault detection
sin phi-method (isolated networks)
cos phi method (compensated networks)

Directional earth-fault detection with transient method

Earth fault detection with pulsation method (compensated networks only)
Detection of intermittent earth-fault disturbances 
for fault prediction


Device variants

IKI-23 Modbus IKI-23_capdis IKI-23_capdis Modbus
Fault detection x x x x
Integrated LRM measurement point
acc. IEC-61243-5
 1) 1) x x
Complete voltage detection system (VDS)
CAPDIS_top acc. IEC 61243-4 integrated.
    x x
ModbusRTU interface   x   x

1) on request


Pickup current I>

100 A, 200 A, 300 A, 400 A, 600 A, 800 A,1000 A, 2000 A (±15 %)

Pickup time

40 ms, 60 ms, 80 ms, 100 ms, 150 ms, 200 ms (±10 ms)

Directional earth fault detection via transient method

Pickup values settable for U0, I0 and "wait for U0"

Earth fault detection with pulsation method

min. 2 A pulsation delta (at 7 A … 200 A phase apparent current )
min. 2 A pulsation delta(bei 200 A ... 300 A phase apparent current)
symmetrical or asymmetrical pulsation pattern
Transient disturbance min. duration of 1 ms for current and voltage transient
Reset Button, external input, time2 h, 4h or automatic (load current detection, max. 6 h)
Measurement values Range of voltage measurement: 1 kV … 52 kV 
(dependant on used LRM module)
Range of current measurement: 5 A … 2000 A (short-time), max. constand current 800 A
Nominal frequency 50, 60 Hz
Isolation voltage 2 kV; 1 min.

Current transformers

IKI-LUM (item no. 2500381), CTs for mounting on bushings
Max. connecting cable cross section 1,5 mm²

Remote alarm

potential free wiper contacts, NO, max. 2s

Power of alarm outputs

Umax 110 VAC/DC, Imax 100 mA


Via external potential free NO contact

Remote test

Via external potential free NO contact

External blinking unit LED

three outputs to connect external blinkers (item no. 2500098)

Power supply:


Via auxiliary power

24 … 230 VAC/DC (tolerance ±15 %)
Recommendation: 3 A Fuse
Power consumption 2W
Max. connecting cable cross section 2,5 mm²

Via CTs  IKI-LUM: min. 6 A three-phase, min. 18 A one phase

Type of battery

 Lithium; 3,6 V; LS17500




 DIN 43700
Recommended cutout  92 mm × 45 mm

Environmental conditions:


Operational temperature

-25 °C ... +55 °C

Storage temperature

-25 °C ... +70 °C

Degree of protection

IP 54


max. 95 % relative at 40 °C

Retrofit of air-insulated switchgears

  • Easy and economic retrofit solution
  • Combined sensor for voltage and current

Monitoring dangerous step-voltages

  • easy installation with an additional earthing rod
  • output to connect an external LED blinker outside of the transformer station


Possible combinations with VDS

IKI-23 can be used either

  • without voltage detection system (VDS) for non-directional fault detection
  • —with external VDS type CAPDIS
  • —with external retrofit VDS type CAPDIS-PI
  • with plugged in VDS type CAPDIS-top