Universal Feeder Control Units, IEC-104, dual-field monitoring, pulsation method, wiper mode

Item number: 2502176
The universal Feeder Control Unit IKI-50_104 is the appropriate solution for intelligent... more
Product information "IKI-50_2F_PULS_EW_104"
The universal Feeder Control Unit IKI-50_104 is the appropriate solution for intelligent distribution network stations and offers distribution network operators a high degree of transparency and cost-effectiveness. The IKI-50_104 includes all algorithms for selective fault detection. It is suitable for all neutral point treatments. Switching commands for load switch control can be fed to the IKI-50_104 via communication bus and executed field-related with 1.5-pole switching safety. The IKI-50_104 has an interface with IEC 60870-5-104 protocol, as well as a ModbusRTU master function for querying underlying measuring devices such as IKI-50.

Load flow measurement

  • Voltages, currents, powers, frequencies, cos-phi ...
  • Momentary and average values
  • Limit monitoring

Fault detection

  • directional short-circuit detection
  • directional earth fault detection, directional static earth fault detection (wattmetric method), directional transient earth fault detection (wiper method), earth fault detection via pulse locating
  • early fault detection via detection of transient faults
  • suitable for all neutral point treatments
  • no summing transformer required

Network automation

  • extensive logic functions freely programmable with PC- Software KriesConfig


  • no battery
  • unlimited data retention
  • error indication in case of power failure over 6 hours

IEC 60870-5-104

  • The device has a network connection for direct communication with control centers or telecontrol via IEC-104 protocol.


  • Configuration of the parameters for the IEC-104 connection via integrated webserver

ModbusRTU master function

  • Modbus slave devices (e.g. IKl-50 in the standard version) can additionally be queried via the IKl-50_ 104. The conversion to IEC-104 is then also done in the device.


  •  Password protected configuration
  •  Access rights management- Web server can be switched off- Encryption of the connection via VPN router possible

This variant also offers:

  • Two-field monitoring and measurement
Device data
Article number2502176
Product designationIKI-50_2F_PULS_EW_104 Universal Feeder Control Units | IEC-104 | dual-field monitoring | pulsation method | wiper mode
Operating elements and display
Direction keysOperation via four direction keys
Two feeder monitoring-
Dimensions and installation instructions
Case height x width x depth49 x 96 x 108 mm
Cutout height x width45 x 92 mm
Norm cutout dimensionsDIN IEC 61554:2002-08
Installation typePanel mounting
Sheet thickness1.5 ... 2.5 mm
Operating conditions
Operating temperature-25°C ... 55°C
Storage temperature-25°C ... 70°C
Humiditymax. 95 % relative humidity at 40° C
Protection classIP54 (Front)
Fault detection and failure forecast
Directional short-circuit detection I>>
Threshold current short-circuit detection I>> [A]100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000
Automatic response threshold Short circuit detection-
Threshold time short-circuit detection I>> [ms]40, 60, 80, 100, 150, 200, 400, 1200, 1600
Directional earth short-circuit detection Ie>>
Event logThe last 20 fault events are stored with event number, date, time, name of the triggering fault detection, fault direction, phase and fault current value.
Earth fault transient detection
Interfaces and communication
USB interfaceMini-USB
Modbus RTU Master
Modbus-RTU Slave-
IEC 60870-5-104 Slave
Slave test-
Digital Inputs4
Connection cable cross sectionMax. 2,5 mm
Switching capacity relayAC: max. 62,5 VA max. 2A; max. 250 VAC
DC: max. 2A @ 40 VDC
Measurement values and functions
Voltage measurement
Measuring range voltageCapacitive
Phase-to-ground voltages
Phase to phase voltages
Measuring range voltage0.02 kV ... 92 kV | Start of voltage measuring range: 2% of Un
Accuracy voltage measurement3 % of measurement value
Current measurement
Measuring range current0.5 A ... 1,158 A (with current transformer IKI-LUM)
Zero-sequence current
Accuracy current measurement3 % of measurement value
Conductor currents
Active power
Reactive power
Apparent power
Rotary field detection
Frequency measurement
Mean value determination
Min-max value determination
Phase position
Phase shift cos-phi
Limit value monitoringVoltage, current, frequency, reactive power and voltage
Logic functionsA total of 32 logic rules can be programmed.
Power supply
Auxiliary power supply24...230 VAC/DC (jeweils  15 %)
Power consumption2 W
Insulation voltage2 kV, 1 min