Wandlerstromversorgtes Schutzrelais nach IEC 60255

Artikelnummer: 2520287_S092_DIW

Self powered protection relay acc. IEC 60255 Applicable for transformers with nominal... more
Product information "IKI-30"

Self powered protection relay acc. IEC 60255

  • Applicable for transformers with nominal power between 160 and 12 500 kVA; as overcurrent, short-circuit or earth-fault protection relay in combination with a circuit breaker and as overcurrent protection in combination with load breakers and high voltage fuses

Selectable tripping options

  • IDMT (ANSI 51)
  • 2 DT (ANSI 51)
  • Instantaneous overcurrent characteristic (ANSI 50)
  • External fast tripping without delay
  • Optional earth fault protection

Release of tripping coil

  • Low-power coil (no external supply needed)
  • Standard tripping coil (with seperate power storage PSU unit )

Self test

  • On site test of function by test button
  • Dry contact for remote transmission of watchdog alarm

Free of maintenance, CT-powered

  • Power supply buffered by lithium battery (life cycle -> 15 years)

Adjustment current Is

Three ranges, each 16 values

5..20 A


25..100 A


110..260 A

Short-circuit I>>
(ANSI 50)

I>>/Is, 8 values adjustable 2..20 
  tI>>, 8 values adjustable 0..2 s

Overcurrent I> 
(ANSI 51)




I>/Is, 8 values adjustable
tI>, 16 values adjustable

0,3..300 s

(IEC very inverse)
(IEC extremely inverse)

I>/Is, 8 values adjustable
tI>, 8 values adjustable
v, 8 values adjustable

0,3..300 s
0,05..10 s

Earth-fault IE>
(ANSI 50N)

IE>/Is, 8 values adjustable
tIE>, 8 values adjustable

0,1..2  (balanced core CT recommended)
0..5 s





 adjustable 50/60 Hz

Inherent time

   ca. 43 ms


 of trip indication  by time 2h, manual, automatic after load current restoring




Trip relay contact load
Alarm relay contact load
230 VAC/DC, 8A
230 VAC/DC, 5A



buffered with internal Lithium battery, optional auxiliary power 24..230 VAC/DC

Product standard

IEC 60255-5


Environmental conditions:


Operational temperature

-40 °C ... +70 °C


Storage temperature

-40 °C ... +80 °C


Degree of protection

IP 40

Optional IP 54 at front




Front panel housing 

DIN 43700  
Dimensions b x h x t = 96 x 48 x 80 mm  
Recommended cutout 92 x 45 mm  


Input 1, 2, 3:

Split core current CTs type IKI-LUM-D92


optional input 4:

Balanced core CT type IKI-GSU_d60_314_diwi