IKI-50_1F R2

IKI-50_1F R2

Universally applicable station control unit for one feeder

Part-No.: 2502352

Features IKI-50_1F R2 is a universally applicable station control unit for local medium... more
Product information "IKI-50_1F R2"


IKI-50_1F R2 is a universally applicable station control unit for local medium voltage network stations.


It is designed for one feeder and provides the user on site with all necessary load and error information.


IKI-50_1F R2 is equipped with the latest firmware starting from V50 and thus allows free selection of a suitable error detection procedure appropriate for the existing grid structure.


This station control unit provides a total of six digital inputs for logical links and alarms. Capacitive as well as ohmic voltage sensors can be connected for voltage measurement.


IKI-50_1F R2 communicates via Modbus and can thus be simply connected to the central grid control station.


Securing grid accessibility while simultaneously minimising restart delay time calls for intelligent components such as IKI-50_1F R2 on the distribution network level.


Error Detection

The various processes for error detection are easy to select and set up.

short-circuit detection directional / non-directional detection
earth fault detection directional / non-directional detection
  sin phi-procedure (isolated network)
cos phi-procedure (compensated network)
directional / non-directional detection
transient fault detection directional / non-directional detection
  pulse current detection directional / non-directional detection
  detection of transient disturbance
suitable for early fault detection
 directional / non-directional detection


Load Flow Measurement

IKI-50_1F R2 detects all relevant load flow values as current and mean values. These can be retrieved on site on the display or by centralised access via remote control.


 Remote Control and Network Automation

  • selective control of up to two motors (four digital inputs and outputs each)
  • switching automatics
  • extensive logic functions freely programmable via display or PC software KriesConfig

IKI-50_1F R2 is maintenance-free

  • no battery
  • 6 h buffer owing to an internal maintenance-free capacitor module combined with unsecured auxiliary voltage


Technical data




starting from V50

Degree of protection

IP 20

Insulation voltage

1 kV, 1 minute


DIN 43700

recommended cutout

92 x 45 mm

connection cable cross section

max. 2.5 mm2

operating temperature range

-25 °C .. +55 °C (max. 40 °C during calibration)

operating temperature range

-30 °C .. +70 °C extended range (measurement deviation 10%)

storage temperature range

-25 °C .. +70 °C

display buffer

6 h, maintenance-free capacitor buffer

Load Flow Readings:


zero current I0


phase currents I1, I2, I3


phase angles I12, I23, I31


zero voltage U0


phase-earth voltages U1, U2, U3


phase-phase voltages U12, U23, U31


phase layers U12, U23, U31


effective (P), reactive (Q) and apparent (S) load and energy


phase shift cos-phi




mean values I, U, PQS with direction A & B over duration dt


minimum and maximum of mean values I, U, PQS with direction A & B over duration dT


minimum and maximum of mean values I, U, PQS with direction A & B since reset


accuracy current measurement

3% of the measured value

accuracy voltage measurement in conjunction with CAPDIS

3% of the measured value after calibration

accuracy voltage measurement in conjunction with ohmic dividers

1% of the measured value without calibration

current measuring range

0.5 ... 1000 A

Inputs, Outputs, Messages, Interfaces:


digital output relays, max. 5 A

4 freely configurable

digital inputs 24 VDC

6 freely configurable

RS-485 with Modbus RTU-Slave


remote test function


auxiliary power 24 ... 230 VAC/DC, power consumption max. 3 VA


conductor current transformer


Y interface to CAPDIS


self-test function, primary test function


Error Prevention and Error Detection:


short-circuit (I>>) with direction


earth short-circuit (Ie>) with direction


static earth fault (Ie> wattmetric) with direction


transient earth fault (Ie> wiper) with direction


earth fault with pulse location method (Ie> pulse location)


directed detection of transient events for error prevention


event memory (1 ... 20) phase-related errors


limit value monitoring for U, I, f, QU


self-programmable logic


Terminal Diagram






Remote Control of Intelligent Local Network Stations

Intelligent local network stations are often under remote control. Motor control, however, must take into account switching states and permissible switching currents (apparent and reactive current). IKI-50 can issue control commands for motor operation via Modbus. The following example illustrates an application in multiple-field switchgear. In addition to the voltage measurement via capacitive dividers using CAPDIS, measurement via ohmic dividers is also possible. IKI-50 features an internal energy buffer lasting at least 6 hours. Motors and telecontrol technology must be supplied with secured auxiliary voltage, e.g. PSU-Hybrid.















Das IKI-50_1F R2 in einer typischen Grid-Anwendung