Low-maintenance UPS for transformer stations, capacitor-buffered, rechargeable battery

Item number: 2501704
PSU-Hybrid is the reliable UPS solution for remote and automated stations and combines capacitor... more
Product information "PSU_24V_Hybrid_60W"
PSU-Hybrid is the reliable UPS solution for remote and automated stations and combines capacitor buffers and batteries in one unit.

PSU-Hybrid, the reliable UPS solution for remote and automated stations.

Combined capacitor / battery UPS for supply and  buffering of pulse and constant load

continuous loads- Load capacity: 60 W continuous + 300 W pulse load + 180 As reserve buffer in case of empty battery- Continuous load output suitable for telecontrol devices, protection devices (fed from battery)- Pulse load output suitable for disconnector motors, trip coils (fed from capacitor)- Capacitor reserve buffer ensures emergency operation in case of discharged or defective battery- Application example: Battery with 12 Ah on motor and remote control and protection technology-> 3, 75 h buffering 60 W + at least 50 switching operations 300 W + reserve buffer in case of empty battery over approx. 15 sec

Extended battery buffer time / life, additional reserve buffer

- the combination of battery buffer for continuous loads and capacitor as pulse and reserve buffer protects the battery and significantly extends the service life- tests showed twice the battery life compared to conventional UPSs

Efficiency comparison

PSU hybrid compared to standardard UPS with the same battery size (1.3 Ah). Result: the PSU-Hybrid offers twice the continuous load buffer time for frequent switching cycles and still 30% longer for few switching cycles. Furthermore, the PSU-Hybrid offers between 50% and 100% more pulse load cycles compared to conventional UPSs with the same battery size

Inputs and outputs for remote control connection

Output for capacitor monitoring and battery statusRemote check input for battery
Device data
Article number2501704
Product designationPSU 24VDC | 180As Hybrid | 60 W
Case height x width x depth105 x 225 x 110 mm
Installation typeC-Rail mounting
Housing materialAluminum
Operating conditions
Operating temperature-25°C ... 60°C
Storage temperature-30°C ... 70°C
Protection classIP42
Technical data input 1Start Statusabfrage Batteriezustand
Technical data signal output 1Battery and capacitor status
Technical data signal output 2AC/DC auxiliary voltage availability
Power supply
Auxiliary power supplyEinphasig: 100 ... 240 VAC (±10 %) oder 127 ... 300 VDC Dreiphasig: 100 ... 120 VAC (±10 %)
Battery typeLead battery rechargeable
Battery data2x 12V, verschiedene Größen verfügbar z.B. 3,4 Ah / 4,5 Ah / 7,2 Ah / 12 Ah
Capacitor buffer
Capacitor dataCapacity 8.3 F; Charge 180 As; Energy 2400 Ws
Technical data output 124 VDC, unregulated, capacitor only max. 300 W pulse load+ 180 As reserve buffer
Technical data output 224 V0C; 60 W continuous load+ max. 300 W pulse load+ 180 A reserve buffer