PSU 24VDC 180 As Hybrid 60W

PSU 24VDC 180 As Hybrid 60W

UPS solution for remote-controlled and automated stations
Low-drop version for peak currents > 300 W


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Description PSU-hybrid, the reliable UPS solution for remote controlled and automated... more
Product information "PSU 24VDC 180 As Hybrid 60W"


PSU-hybrid, the reliable UPS solution for remote controlled and automated stations.

Combined capacitor/battery UPS for supplying and buffering pulse and continuous loads

  • Power rating: 60 W continuous +  300 W pulse load + 180 As spare buffer with empty battery
  • Capacitor reserve buffer ensures emergency operation in the event of a discharged or defective battery
  • Application example: 12 Ah battery on motor and telecontrol and protection technology -> 3.75 h Buffering  60 W + at least 50 switching operations 300 W + reserve buffer with empty battery over approx. 15 sec

Extended battery buffer time /  lifetime, additional reserve buffer

  • by combining battery buffers for continuous loads and capacitor as pulse and reserve buffer, the battery is spared and the service life is significantly extended
  • Tests showed twice the battery life compared to conventional UPS

Efficiency comparison

PSU-Hybrid compared to standard UPS with self-battery size (1.3 Ah).
Result: The PSU-Hybrid offers twice as much for frequent switching cycles and a 30% longer coninuous load buffer time for a few switching cycles. In addition, the PSU-Hybrid offers between 50% and 100% more pulse load cycles compared to traditional UPS with the same battery size.

Inputs and outputs for telecontrol connection

  • Output for capacitor monitoring and battery status
  • Remote test input for battery


Technical data

Auxiliary voltage

Single-phase:  100 ... 240 VAC (±10%) or 127 ... 300 VDC


Three-phase: 100 ... 120 VAC (±10%)



Output 3.3 / 3.4

24 VDC; 60 W continuous load + max. 300 W pulse load +180 As reserve buffer (motor + RTU)

Output 3.1 / 3.2

24 VDC, unregulated, only capacitor max. 300 W pulse load + 180 As reserve buffer

Contact 2.1 / 2.2

Battery and capacitor status

Contact 5.1 / 5.2

AC/DC auxiliary voltage availability


Status query forür battery state




Capacity 8.3 F, Charge 180 As, Energy: 2400 Ws

Battery module

Capacity: selectable; charging current: selectable, depending on battery size (1.3 Ah ... 12 Ah, further values on request)

Environmental conditions:


Operating temperature

-25 ° C ... +60 ° C

Storage temperature

-30 ° C ... +70 ° C

Degree of protection

Housing IP 42; Terminals IP 22




2 kg


h x w x t = 225 x 105 x 110 mm


35 mm standard rail


Einsatz der PSU-Hybrid in einer fernsteuerbaren Trafostation


Use of the PSU hybrid in a municipal utility

The manager of a municipal utility reported that with the PSU-Hybrid he could halve the battery size compared to his previous solution and still extend the battery life by up to 50%. "Kries was the first supplier on the market with the compact design of the PSU-Hybrid!"




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