From short circuit indicator to transformer protection relays and intelligent ring-main units

Kries distribution network intelligence increases selectivity in the distribution network for reduced downtime.

Fault indication for overhead lines: finding instead of searching

Ideal for on-site fault locating or remote transmission to SCADA

Everything concerning ring main units – from short circuit indicators to transformer protection relays

Electrical systems in a ring-main unit or substations today need special protection, so that damage can be minimised – or even predicted bevor it occurs. In today’s networks and grids the main issue is avoiding, limiting or detecting overcurrents,  overvoltages or faults. The protection concept should make sure that failures can be detected quickly and be cleared fast, for example by means of:

Kries digital CT-powered transformer protection relays are an appropriate tool to protect a transformer against overload, short circuits and earth faults.

Short-circuit and earth-fault indicators are used mainly for locating faults in medium-voltage distribution networks. They are mounted for example in ring-main units or on overhead lines. Kries devices are capable of remote signalling.

In case of decentralised grid supply for example through photovoltaic systems or wind power stations and in closed loop networks,  directional short circuit or earth fault indicators can be applied.

Kries offers intelligent monitoring and control functionality by integrating all functionality needed in a ring main unit in only one device: Grid-Inspector IKI-50.