Voltage Monitoring and Detection with Compact Voltage Sensors

The clever alternative to dangerous, high-volume voltage transformers in the distribution grid, also for retrofit.

Give your staff the advantage of complete arc fault resistance!

CAPDIS: the crucial contribution to work safety and compliance with insurance law.

Systems for Voltage Detection and Monitoring for Medium and
High Voltage Grids

Today´s energy distribution networks are becoming more and more complex, especially in the medium and high voltage sector. Vulnerability to failures is increasing along with the requirements.
Voltage detection together with voltage monitoring and a sophisticated concept are significant elements to to guarantee a high availablity of the distribution grid. Kries provides the suitable devices and systems:

Kries ensures safe voltage monitoring and detection

For an increased system availability as well as supply reliability modern voltage detection systems are needed to monitor voltage presence or absence in a safe way. Capacitive or ohmic sensors can be easiliy installed in any ring main unit and provide together with the voltage detection system safe voltage status monitoring.
Another elementary component in the field is personal safety for staff working on site on a ring-main unit in dangerous conditions. A Kries voltage detection system ensures safe voltage detection with highest possible safety for your staff.