IKI-50 Grid-Inspector

Load-Monitoring and Load-Control, Failure-Monitoring and Failure-Tripping

Monitoring of all electrical measurement values

  • Currents, Voltages including all related readings
  • Possibility for control of motors or tripping coils.
  • Integrated capacitor buffer for 1 or 2 tripping coils

Two basic versions available

  • IKI-50_1F for monitoring and control of one feeder
  • IKI-50_2F for monitoring and control of two or three feeders (e.g. incoming and outgoing feeder and transformer feeder)

Three basic functions for distribution network optimizing in one device:

  • Directional load monitoring and load control
  • Directional failure detecting (short-circuit and earth fault) for all network types including failure forecast
  • ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), see seperate datasheet on the left