Focus on Power Presence

Kries solutions for distribution grids minimise blackouts and subsequent costs.

Everything new? Kries spares you grid extension

Smart solutions for distribution grids: efficient grid design with Kries


Maximise uptime for your distribution grid

Supply restoration of power  in less than 3 seconds with fully automated Kries switching solutions (ATS)


Stay relaxed during failure hunting with Kries fault detection

Pre-fault detection and fault direction indication are the favourite tools of clever fault hunters


Kries puts energy online

Kries solutions for distribution grids also protect critical distribution grids against failures


Intelligence for Energy Distribution Grids: Monitoring, Protection, Automation

Focus on Power Presence. Increase the intelligence and availability of your power distribution grid with Kries systems and components for smart medium and high-voltage distribution grids: Voltage detection systems, transformer protection, short circuit indicators, earth fault indicators, protection relays, RTUs, SCADA or buffered power supplies.


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Kries offers complete solutions for transformer stations: from Voltage Detection and Transformer Protection to RTUs and PC-based SCADA to increase transparancy and efficiency of your grid


Decentralisation of intelligence in power distribution grids has just begun. With Kries products and systems you introduce more intelligence to your grid. We offer solutions for the following applications:

  • Transform your ring main unit to a intelligent nodal point : with directional fault indicators,  transformer protection relays and PC-based SCADA solutions
  • Increase availability by means of fault detection and localisation and minimise contractual penalties due to a bad SAIDI (System-Average-Interruption-Duration-
  • Reduction of downtime by means of automated switching to reserve feeder ATS (Automatic transfer switch)
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) with low or no maintenance for ring main units
  • Fault indication and fault detection for overhead lines
  • Avoid grid expansion induced by electrical cars and solar systems by intelligent retrofit solutions for ring main units
  • Personal safety by increasing arc fault resistance with integrated voltage detection systems.

Transform your existing energy network cost-efficiently into an intelligent distribution grid. Automate your ring-main units step by step and thus lay the foundations for flexible energy management.
With Kries systems you can easily retrofit and convert existing systems, while for new systems the intelligence can be added easily and comfortably.