Intelligence for Power Distribution Networks Monitoring, Protection, Automation

Focus on Power Presence. Increase the intelligence and availability of your power distribution grid

RTUs, communication and control systems and PC-based SCADA technology

open your eyes to a transparent distribution network with smart efficient solutions provided by Kries-Energietechnik

From short circuit indicator to transformer protection and intelligent ring-main unit:

Kries distribution network intelligence increases selectivity in the distribution network for reduced downtime

Voltage Monitoring and Controlling Compact Voltage Sensors

The clever alternative to dangerous, high-volume voltage transformers in the distribution grid, also for retrofit.

Products for Medium and High-Voltage Distribution Grids and Network Automation

For medium and high voltage switchgears and ring-main units: remote monitoring and remote control or automation: Kries provides intelligent products and systems to increase transparency and efficiency of your energy grid. Kries offers:

With Kries you adapt recent as well as older ring main units (RMUs) to modern challenges. With our systems you minimize blackout times and you keep track of load flow. Fault detection, fault localisation and fault clearing will become highly efficient and penalties will be avoided.

Optimize your SAIDI with fast fault localisation and fast fault clearing

Kries systems contribute significantly to the reduction of the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) by fast and selective fault clearing.
Our systems comprise the full solution from voltage and current sensors, fault detection, protection relays to RTU- and SCADA. Kries systems are flexible, scalable and are available for new ring main units as well as for retrofitting.

Put yourself in the lead through network automation

Increase your network intelligence through decentralized solutions for monitoring, controlling and quick fault detection and clearance.

Transformer protection

Protection of medium voltage transformers with smart protection relays in combination with a power circuit breaker is an intelligent alternative to loadbreaker/fuse combinations. It comprises not only protection against short-circuit but also against overloads and earth-faults.

Voltage detection and voltage measurement

In former times the only way to measure medium- and high-voltage e.g. for protection applications was to use a potential transformer (PT). As PTs are critical regarding ferroresonance more and more applications are done with capacitive and ohmic sensors. They are easily integrateable in the ring main unit and are made for directional fault detection, measurement applications and protection relays.

Fault localisation and fault clearance

Searching and clearance of faults by manual switching and with lots of staff is expensive and takes a lot of time. Kries Systems for fault detection and fault clearance for cable networks and overhead lines are economic and the only solution to cope with future availability demands to distribution networks.