Short-circuit / earth fault indicator, capacitor-buffered, auxiliary power 110 - 230 VAC, 3 relay outputs NC contact with common root

Item number: 2500976
The IKI-20 is suitable for the detection, indication and remote signalling of short circuits in... more
Product information "IKI-20T3"
The IKI-20 is suitable for the detection, indication and remote signalling of short circuits in power distribution networks. In addition, in power distribution networks with rigidly, low-resistance or short-time low-resistance grounded neutral point, the detection, indication and remote signalling of ground short-circuits is possible. Non-directional earth faults can be indicated in cleared or isolated networks.

The IKI-20 is maintenance-free because the power supply is provided by the current transformers.

Measurement functions and display

  • Reliable measured value processing through independent overcurrent-time characteristic (UMZ measurement function)
  • True current measurement
  • Self-explanatory LCD-. symbols
  • additional very bright LED flashing display

Universal setting option of operating parameters

  • response current and response time separately for short circuit and earth short circuit
  • reset mode resp. reset time
  • Relay functions duration or wiping contact

Self test

  • Function test on site by means of test button or remotely controllable via auxiliary input

Operation in ring and beam network (without switching)

  • Differentiated display of first and second fault event in networks with AWE
Device data
Article number2500976
Product designationIKI-20T3 Short-circuit / earth fault indicator | capacitor-buffered | auxiliary power 110 - 230 VAC | 3 relay outputs NC with common root
Controls and display
Red LED (1)Collective display
Buffer of power supplyVia capacitor over at least 12h and additional low voltage input 110..230VAC
Dimensions and installation instructions
Case height x width x depth48 x 96 x 80 mm
Cutout height x width45 x 92 mm
Norm cutout dimensionsDIN 43700
Installation typePanel mounting
Operating conditions
Operating temperature-25°C ... 75°C
Storage temperature-30°C ... 75°C
Protection classIP40
Fault Detection
Threshold current short-circuit detection I>> [A]100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000
Threshold time short-circuit detection I>> [ms]60, 80, 150, 200
Threshold current earth short-circuit detection Ie>> [A]40, 80, 100, 150
Threshold time earth short-circuit detection Ie>> [ms]60, 80, 150, 200
Fault resetAuto, Manually on the device, After 2h, 4h, External potential-free normally open contact
Interfaces and communication
Slave test
Switching capacity relayUmax = 220 Vdc, 250 Vac Imax = 0,1 A
Power supply
Insulation voltage1 kV / 1 min
Notes on transformer supplyWith a primary current of >=5A through a split-core CT at the inputs L1, L2 or L3, the energy supply is made from the sensors. At primary currents <4A, power is supplied from the energy buffer. With primary currents 1A <I <5A, a mixed supply takes place.