Universal fault indicator, directional, with Voltage Detecting Systems CAPDIS_top, Modbus

Item number: 2502313
The complete fault detection with all proven fault detection algorithms for all network types and... more
Product information "IKI-23_M_CAPDIS_top"
The complete fault detection with all proven fault detection algorithms for all network types and independent of auxiliary power makes the IKI-23 the universal fault and load monitor for standard ring cable switchgear. It combines all the functionalities of the IKI-2x series in one auxiliary power independent device.

The IKI-23 can be used in distribution network stations with and without connection to the telecontrol level.

Directional and non-directional load flow and fault detection

For directional fault and load flow measurement, connect a capacitive divider or a CAPDIS-Sx to the IKl-23.
  • directional short-circuit detection
  • directional ground short-circuit detection
  • directional static ground fault detection (wattmetric method), directional transient ground fault detection (wiper method), earth fault detection via pulse locating
  • suitable for all neutral point treatments
  • no summing transformer required

Auxiliary power independent

The IKl-23 does not require auxiliary power for fault detection; an auxiliary power connection is only required for remote transmission via Modbus.

Integrated Diagnostic Function

For correct directional fault indication, verification of the correct rotating field or transformer installation is essential. The IKl-23 displays the rotating fields self-explanatory.

Basic setting with DIP switch or USB

The basic settings can be made via DIP switches behind the maintenance flap. With the software KriesConfig the complete parameterization can be done via USB interfaces.

Early fault detection

  • Early fault detection by transient fault detection
  • Partial discharge trend detection together with CAPDIS-S2_55 (R5). This function is available in the version with Modbus.

Event memory

The device has an event memory with indication of the time duration, that has passed since the fault event. The event memory can be read out via Kries-Config and Modbus.

Step voltage warning

The voltage difference between switchgear ground and a second (grounded) point is continuously monitored by the IKl-23. If a dangerous potential difference occurs between these points during, for example, an earth fault, a warning message is displayed and reported. Step voltage monitoring increases protection for personnel and animals and provides an indication of insufficient or disturbed station grounding.

Retrofit of RMUs with installed IKI-22

RMUs with installed IKI-22 can easily updated by the IKI-23 for directional fault detection. Already installed current transformers of type IKI-LUG can be further used. Load monitoring is only possible with current transformers of type IKI-LUM.

Integrated LRM measuring point

The device has a three-phase LRM measuring point LRM module for retrofitting future expansion modules, phase comparison and rotating field direction measurement (e.g. using CAP phase).

Incl. Complete Voltage Detecting Systems

In conjunction with the CAPDIS_top retrofit module, the IKl-23 becomes a complete integrated Voltage Detecting Systems according to IEC 61243-5. The use of the CAPDIS_top eliminates the need for maintenance tests on the capacitive connection. With the integrated self-test function, the CAPDIS_top is authorized to test for absence of voltage.

Modbus interface

All device data can be transmitted remotely via the Modbus interface of the IKl-23. Auxiliary power is required for Modbus function.
Device data
Article number2502313
Product designationIKI-23_capdis Universal Fault Indicator | directional | with Voltage Detecting Systems CAPDIS_top | Modbus
Number of feeders1
FirmwareV13.0.2 or higher
Parameterization softwareKriesConfig
ConfigurationVia software Kries-Config (download at kries.com), Via DIP-switches behind front panel
Applicable current transformersThe IKI-23 can be used with current transformers of type IKI-LUG as well as of type IKI-LUM. With the IKI-23 with Modbus, load flow values can only be transmitted if current transformers of type IKI-LUM are used.
Controls and display
Front displayLC-Display and LEDs
Test button
Red LED (1)Error in direction of cable
Yellow LED (2)Fehler in Richtung Sammelschiene
Dimensions and installation instructions
Case height x width x depth50 x 98 x 97 mm
Cutout height x width45 x 92 mm
Norm cutout dimensionsDIN IEC 61554:2002-08
Installation typePanel mounting
Sheet thickness1.5 ... 2.5 mm
Operating conditions
Operating temperature-25°C ... 55°C
Storage temperature-25°C ... 70°C
Humiditymax. 95 % relative Feuchte bei 40° C
Protection classIP54 (Front)
Fault detection and failure forecast
Fault detectionIndividually selectable, any combinations possible
Star point typesShort-term low-ohmic terminated neutral, Low-ohmic terminated neutral, Inductive terminated neutral, Isolated neutral
Directional short-circuit detection I>>
Threshold current short-circuit detection I>> [A]100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000
Threshold current short-circuit detection (I>>) adjustable via DIP [A].400, 600, 800, 1000
Automatic response threshold Short circuit detection
Threshold time short-circuit detection I>> [ms]40, 60, 80, 150, 200
Threshold time short-circuit detection (I>>) adjustable via DIP [ms]60
Waiting time after current switch-off (short-circuit detection) [ms]0, 100, 400, 1200, 2000, 6000
Waiting time voltage switch-off (short-circuit detection) [ms]0, 100, 400, 1200, 2000, 6000
Directional earth short-circuit detection Ie>>
Threshold current earth short-circuit detection Ie>> [A]40, 80, 100, 200
Threshold time earth short-circuit detection Ie>> [ms]40, 60, 80, 150, 200
Directional static earth fault detection Ie>;
Threshold current static earth fault detection Ie>5 ... 30 A
Auxiliary power supply for directional static earth fault detection Ie>
  • with auxiliary power supply: no Balanced Core CT necessary
  • without auxiliary power supply: Balanced Core CT necessary
Directional transient earth fault detection Ie>
Threshold current transient earth fault detection 3I0 [A]100, 200, 300, 500
Threshold voltage transient earth fault detection 3U0 [%]20, 30, 50
Earth fault detection via pulse locating
Pulse length of pulse locatingsymmetrical / asymmetrical
Transient fault detection IIe>
Step voltage monitoring
TE trend monitoring
  • in connection with CAPDIS-S2_55 (R5)
  • Transmission via Modbus-RTU
  • Partial discharge trend via frequency distribution; integration over 24h, trend over 72h
Fault resetAuto, After 2h, 4h, Manually on the device, External potential-free normally open contact
Interfaces and communication
USB interfaceMini-USB
Modbus-RTU Slave
Remote signalling4 potential-free contacts

  • adjustable as wiping contact
  • adjustable as permanent contact when auxiliary power
is available.
Remote testFunction test including switching of the remote signalling contacts possible by connecting a potential-free normally open contact to the slave input.
Switching capacity relayUmax 110 V AC/DC, Imax 100 mA
Connection of passive blinkersThree passive blinkers with LEDs can be connected.
Measurement values and functions
Measuring range voltage1..52 kV (depending on the LRM module used)
Current measurement
Measuring range current5..2.000 A (short-term), max. continuous current 800 A
Rotary field detection
Power supply
Auxiliary power supply24 … 230 V AC/DC (jeweils  15 %)
Power consumption2 W
Insulation voltage2 kV; 1 min
Battery typeLithium
Notes on transformer supply
  • IKI-LUG-1500: from 5 A three-phase, from 15 A single-phase
  • IKI-LUM: from 6 A three-phase, from 18 A single-phase