Feeder Control Units for Distribution Stations

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The IKI-55 Feeder Control Unit can be used in load switchgear for directional fault detection,... more
Product information "IKI-55"

The IKI-55 Feeder Control Unit can be used in load switchgear for directional fault detection, load flow measurement, and control of load and ground switches. Likewise, a number of automation and monitoring functions are available with the IKI-55.

The IKI-55 is network-capable in its basic version and can communicate with the control station and other remote stations via various communication protocols. It can also be used as a Modbus master. The IKI-55 M is a Modbus-only variant.


The IKI-55 is designed for the connection of small-signal current transformers according to IEC 61869-10 as well as small-signal voltage transformers according to IEC 61869-11. In conjunction with a sensor adapter, conventional conversion transformers for current measurement as well as capacitive and precision dividers can be connected.

Fault detection

  • directional short-circuit detection
  • directional ground short-circuit detection
  • directional ground fault detection with static and transient fault detection
  • ground fault detection via pulse locating
  • suitable for all neutral point treatments
  • no summing transformer required
  • fault recording

early fault detection

  • detection of transient faults
  • in conjunction with a CAPDIS- S2_55 (R5): Detection of partial discharges and their frequency and trend

Load flow measurement

  • Voltages, currents, powers, frequencies, cos phi
  • Momentary and average values

Comprehensive control and monitoring functions

  • Control of motor controllers for switching load and ground switches
  • Free programmable logic functions
  • Limit value monitoring

Simple operation of the unit

  • additional LEDs to indicate the fault direction
  • self-explanatory operation via direction keys

Device data
Article numberIKI-55
Product designationGrid Controller IKI-55
Number of feeders1
Parameterization softwareKriesConfig
ConfigurationVia HMI and display (limited), Via software Kries-Config (download at kries.com)
Operating elements and display
Front displayLC-Display and LEDs
Direction keys1 - 4 for navigation in menu
Red LED (1)Error event detected
Yellow LED (2)Device warnings
Dreen LED (3)Status message device state
Yellow LED (4)Fault detected in the direction of the busbar
Red LED (5)Error event detected in the direction of the cable
Dimensions and installation instructions
Case height x width x depth48 x 96 x 110 mm
Cutout height x width45 x 92 mm
Norm cutout dimensionsDIN IEC 61554:2002-08
Installation typePanel mounting
Operating conditions
Operating temperature-40°C ... 70°C
Storage temperature-40°C ... 80°C
Protection class front sideIP54
Protection classIP40
System frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz (selectable)
Fault detection and failure forecast
Fault detectionIndividually selectable, any combinations possible
Star point typesShort-term low-ohmic terminated neutral, Low-ohmic terminated neutral, Inductive terminated neutral, Isolated neutral
Directional short-circuit detection I>>
Threshold current short-circuit detection I>>50 A – 1,000 A
Threshold time short-circuit detection I>>40 ms – 5 s
Directional earth short-circuit detection Ie>>
Threshold current earth short-circuit detection Ie>>10 A – 1,000 A
Threshold time earth short-circuit detection Ie>>40 ms – 5 s
Directional static earth fault detection Ie>;
Threshold current static earth fault detection Ie>1 A – 200 A
Threshold time static earth fault detection Ie>200 ms – 5 s
Directional transient earth fault detection Ie>
Threshold current transient earth fault detection 3I010 A – 1,000 A
Threshold voltage transient earth fault detection 3U00.1 kV – 100 kV
Earth fault detection via pulse locating
Pulse length of pulse locatingsymmetrical / asymmetrical
Transient fault detection IIe>
TE trend monitoring
  • In conjunction with CAPDIS-S2_55 (R5)
  • Indication on the display, transmission via Modbus-RTU
  • Partial discharge trend via frequency distribution; integration over 24 h, trend over 72 h
Fault recorder
Fault record - formatsComtrade
Fault record - number20
Fault record - recording duration2,5 s at 50 Hz | 2,09 s at 60 Hz
Fault record - Frequency6,4 kHz at 50 Hz | 7,68kHz at 60 Hz
Fault record - Pretrigger0,31 s at 50 Hz | 0,258 s at 60 Hz
Interfaces and transmission protocols
USB interfaceMini-USB
Transmission protocolsBasic version:

MQTT, REST, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus-RTU

Ausführung IKI-55 M:
Modbus-RTU (Slave)
Modbus-RTU Slave
Slave test
Digital Inputs6
Digital inputs - connectionsConnection of solid and stranded conductors: 0.08 to 0.5 mm² | Connection of stranded conductors with ferrule: 0.25 to 0.34 mm²
Digital inputs - switching thresholdsON > 19 VDC / OFF < 10 VDC
Digital inputs - voltage ranges24 DC to 60 VDC
Digital inputs - current consumptionMax. 6 mA
Digital Outputs6
Digital outputs - connectionsConnection of solid and stranded conductors: 0.08 to 0.5 mm² | Connection of stranded conductors with ferrule: 0.25 to 0.34 mm²
Digital outputs - variantsFloating
Digital outputs - switching capacity1 A at 30 VDC
Digital outputs - dielectric strengthMax. 80V
Voltage input Input impedance2 MOhm, 50 pF
Voltage input Input range0,4 V – 4,1 V
Voltage input measurement accuracy1%
Voltage input transformation ratio10000:1
Voltage input standardIEC 61869-11
Current input VersionRogowski current sensor
Current input Input impedance10 MOhm, 50 pF
Current input Measuring range0,1 A up to 2000 A
Current input Measuring accuracy1%
Current input Ratio50 A / 22,5 mV (50Hz)
Current input standardIEC 61869-10
Measurement values and functions
Phase-to-ground voltages
Phase to phase voltages
Active power
Reactive power
Apparent power
Rotary field detection
Frequency measurement
Limit value monitoringParameterizable
Logic functionsA total of 32 logic rules can be programmed.
Switching functionsSwitching of up to two load switches
1.5-pole switching
Power supply
Power supply input IKI-5524 VDC +/-20%
Power input - power consumption0.5 A