Customer Information: New Generation IKI-50_1F R2

The field control unit Grid-Inspector IKI-50 has proven its worth for digitised transformer stations since 2012. With IKI-50_1F R2 we are now offering a compatible successor with additional valuable functions, which will replace IKI-50_1F starting with the beginning of 2023.



Additional Technical Features of IKI-50_1F R2 as opposed to IKI-50-1F_PULS_EW:


  • Patented cross calibration option and voltage measurement with 1% accuracy
  • Partial discharge trend monitoring together with CAPDIS-S2_55 (R5)
  • Residual current detection algorithm for use with our standard transformers without summation current transformers
  • Push-in-terminals to simplify installation
  • Upgrade-tool from IKI-50 to IKI-50_1F R2, to retrofit existing devices with the latest functionality


The new IKI-50_1F R2 is available in two versions:


The new field control unit is available in the basic version
IKI-50_1F R2e as well as in the extended version IKI-50_1F R2.


With these two versions we ensure our ability to deliver in view of current bottlenecks in material procurement, and we offer our customers additional technical and economic advantages.


We would be glad to provide a customised offer and support you in introducing these new device variants.



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